eGifts are as easy as 1-2-3!

Increase revenue by offering Millennium eGift for all occasions. Millennium eGift is perfect for holidays, birthdays and special events.

Purchasing online gift certificates through Millennium eGift is quick and simple. Just take a look!

Millennium eGift

1.Select a Template

Select a Template

2.Enter an Amount, Service, or Package, and Recipient Info.

Enter an amount

3.Check Out

Check Out

Stay True to You!

Using your own company's logo, Millennium provides many themes and templates so that you can customize your eGifts to fit your brand and personality. Complete customizable options are available at an additional cost.

Choose From Our Library

Choose which gorgeous designs you want to use for your company for any occasion.

...and many more!

Create New Templates

You also have the option to request customized designs that fit your company’s needs perfectly.

Customize Your Promotions

Not only is the appearance of your eGift fully customizable, but you can also tailor specific promotions for your customers that give them additional incentive to purchase. For instance, you can set parameters that reward customers who purchase a $100 eGift and give them 20% off the price. So they will be buying a $100 eGift and only spending $80 and you will make the $20 back because on average people who redeem giftcards spend at least 25% more than the gift amount. This is just one of many benefits within Millennium’s new eGift feature.

1.Create Your Promotion

Create Your Promotion

2.See it in Action

See it in Action


Pay just 4% only when eGifts are sold and your terms are month-to-month.

No Contracts

Afraid of commitment? Millennium eGift is a feature that is optional to use. Use it whenever and however you want.

No Monthly Fees

Go at your pace, and pay as you go. Since there are no monthly fees to use Millennium eGift, there is no risk of getting stuck with paying a fee even if you haven’t sold a gift card. It’s that easy.

No Cancellation Fees

We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy this feature within Millennium that we’ll allow you to cancel at any time with no hassle.

Must be a Millennium software client
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