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Millennium Salon Software Wins The 2013 American Salon Professional’s Choice Award!

The 2013 Professional’s Choice Award Winners were announced this week and Millennium has won for favorite Salon Software.

More than just software

Quick highlights

Get in on the experience of the year
The Millennium Experience will be held at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL from June 22nd–24th, 2014. Network, learn, be inspired, and have fun with other industry professionals from around the world and top educators in the beauty industry. Bring your whole team and take the inspiration, excitement, knowledge, and ideas back to your business.
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Subscriptions as low as $99/month
Get on the software that is enhancing businesses all over the world. Millennium software is making noise and everyone is listening. Capture success and growth from our our famous growth indicators. Get Millennium and get results.
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Switching to Millennium software is nothing to be scared of
Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from growing your business with Millennium. Listen to Mark Garrison, Beth Minardi, and staff talk about their positive experience of transitioning to Millennium SpaSalon software.
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Opening a new salon or spa can be stressful. There are a lot of different components that need to come together to run a successful business. Growing your business on the Millennium Salon / Spa software program will completely simplify the way your business will be run. If you are looking to educate your staff, grow your business, increase your revenue and empower the front desk, then the Millennium beauty software program is the only option out there for you. Whether you're in the beauty industry, fitness industry, or medical industry Millennium has the most powerful and proven business management software program you will ever experience.

Hair Salon Software / Spa Software

You're here because you care about the growth and success of your salon or spa. Millennium is the leading beauty salon software program in the industry. With over 23 years of salon and spa knowledge & experience, a world class support department and a passionate team committed to providing the most innovative spa software and salon software program available, Millennium software is the most complete package out there. Millennium salon software is built on a promise to not just run your salon or spa, but grow it. Since the beginning we have distinguished ourselves with a superior level of education and technology that is unmatched in our industry.

Millennium beauty management software understands that you need to trust and rely on your salon scheduling software to grow your business. Your software is going to be a vital piece to the success of your salon or spa. You need to be able to stand behind your spa management software and know that you're getting the best solution possible for you, your staff and your business. For your own piece of mind, why not leverage the most proven growth tool in the spa salon software industry. With our sustained advancements, leadership and success, Millennium salon scheduling software continues to be the best.

Millennium day spa software is not just another beauty software program. We pride ourselves on being a valuable and trustworthy partner to you and we care about the growth and success of your salon or spa. For over two decades Millennium salon appointment software continues to revolutionize the way owners run their business and empower their staff. Unlike our competitors, we are able to update our day spa software program with suggestions from tens of thousands of successful clients in over 30 countries to produce the most recognized spa / salon management program available.

Why is Millennium right for you?

Our invaluable business education courses focus on our proven growth indicators like new clients per month, new client retention, repeat client retention, average ticket and frequency of visit. These are just some of the features that make Millennium salon scheduling software more than just a salon / spa management system, but rather a vital key to your success.

There is an assumption among salon / spa owners that once you introduce a software program, your business automatically becomes stronger, more profitable and better managed and that's not always true. The key is focusing on the key growth indicators, checking those crucial benchmarks and constantly feeding it back to your team. Millennium salon booking software does this more efficiently and accurately than any other software program in the beauty industry. There is no other hair salon software program that can give you and your staff immediate answers to questions like these shown below:

  • How many clients that I've seen today have re-booked?
  • How many clients that I've seen today have purchased retail?
  • How many treatments am I performing per guest today?
  • What is my average ticket price for today?
  • How many new clients have I seen this month?

Imagine having this data at your fingertips. Millennium spa software and salon software will empower you and your team and give you the most valuable information you will need to grow and stay successful.

Millennium salon POS software and spa POS software has revolutionized the beauty industry by creating a standard for the beauty industry and setting the bar for superior customer service. We know what we have to do to grow your salon or spa business. We are constantly updating our salon scheduling software program, establishing strong relationships and securing strategic industry partnerships that benefit you. We provide you with the most vital tools and data you need to grow, be successful, and achieve your vision.

Millennium also created multiple versions to accommodate different industries. Those versions include medical spa management software, yoga center management software, resort spa management software and fitness management software.

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"Having spent the past 22 years in the spa industry, much of which in spa operations and business planning, I was thrilled to find the Millennium spa software program a few years ago. Finding the best of the best is an ongoing process, and without a doubt, Millennium has far exceeded my expectations! It is a powerful spa scheduling, POS, and guest management system that every one of my clients has raved about once implemented. I can count on the Millennium spa management program to grow with the spa business, turning out a better product year after year!"

"As the Founder and COO of a National Franchise I can say one thing for certain when it comes to great software and software support; Harms Millennium! Hand and Stone Franchise Corporation has been using Millennium salon franchise software for over 5 years. Harms products and support are the heart and lungs of our franchise system. We couldn't possibly operate our franchise system without them."

"As a franchisor whose sole responsibility is to protect the brand and the investment of its franchisees it's important to make good choices for the system. Finding the right software for your business is a task in itself and converting from one application to another is never easy but I could not have anticipated a better experience than that with the Millennium multi location software program. They were completely committed to our project, day in and day out and were responsive to our needs afterwards. They have exceeded our expectations and have proven to be partners who have a true concern for our business. I couldn't ask for more!"

"I would highly recommend Millennium salon management software to anyone! Having used other products I know this is the best on the market. It does it all: inventory, employee compensation and scheduling, shop charges for back bar, appointments, activity logs to track employee productivity, package sales, gift certificates, all of our vendor contact info, and so much more. The greatest asset Harms has is their people. From the sales reps to the tech support, Harms has the best team of people I have ever dealt with in this industry."

"I used 2 other software programs before I purchased Millennium hair salon software and nothing compares to it. If you want to grow and be successful in the beauty industry Millennium is the tool you need to make it happen."

Awards & Acknowledgments

  • Voted #1 spa management software 5 years in row
  • Voted #1 salon management software by Salon Today
  • Voted best salon software program by American Spa
  • Voted best spa software by Beauty Launchpad
  • Voted #1 business building salon software
  • Voted #1 business building spa software