How to Keep Your Salon Business Profitable (Even In a Bad Economy)

salon profitable

We all know the argument: When the economy takes a turn for the worst, the first things to go are the “luxuries”. People cut back on dining out, they’ll get their car repaired rather than buy a new one, vacations are postponed, and (here it comes!) salon visits are cut back, or in some cases,…

Case Study: Grow Your Salon With Social Media


With nearly 2 billion people using social media, your marketing plan cannot ignore such a powerful medium of communication to your current and potential clients. With social media, you get to see your target market up close and personal. By reaching out to your followers, you can solve problems, recommend products and services, find more…

Adopting A Dress Code For Your Salon Or Spa


With tongue in cheek, Mark Twain once remarked that, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Well, with more and more people, wearing less and less these days, that’s probably debatable. However, what’s okay in Hollywood, will absolutely, positively, not work on Main Street USA. And it sure won’t…

Case Study: Marketing to Men At the Salon

If your target customers are men, it’s critical that you market to them. Many salons choose to only market to women, thinking the market for men is small or simply not worth it. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is a huge misconception, as men will definitely spend money at the salon if they see…

65 Salon Marketing Ideas: The Ultimate List


Running out of ideas to market your salon? We carefully crafted the best marketing techniques for the salon business. Here’s the ultimate list for 65 marketing tips and ideas to promote your salon. Let’s get started… At The Salon – 12 Tips Create a profitable front desk. Train your staff to re-book clients for their…

Millennium’s Winners of The Experience Hair Show: See the Work! by Modern Salon Magazine

Editor of Modern Salon and First Chair Magazine, Alison Shipley posted a great article featuring the winners of the first ever Millennium Experience hair show contest. Alison also helped pick the winning teams of cosmetology students.

Learn More About Matt Beck, a National Paul Mitchell Educator and Why he Uses Millennium Salon Software to Run His Business

Matt Beck is a very successful salon owner,  business coach and Educator for Paul Mitchell Systems. He is a Millennium Software client and truly understands what it takes to take his business to the next level. So Stephen Marinaro, aka TheSalonGuy,

“Tips From The Top” by First Chair Magazine

Editor of First Chair Magazine, Alison Shipley interviewed Millennium Salon Software Founder & CEO, John Harms because she needed to give her readers some advice on how to control their “financial destiny” or in lamens terms, make money! Alison’s readers are cosmetology students so John discusses 5 key growth indicators that can help these students…